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openEHR Ambassadors


Prof. Huilong Duan (China)

Huilong Duan is professor of biomedical informatics in Zhejiang University of China. He was appointed to the Chair of China Medical Software Association since 2014, Vice Chair of China Smart & Mobile Health Association since 2014, Vice Chair of China Ministry of Education of Biomedical Engineering Teaching Steering Committee since 2006.

Huilong Duan started research on biomedical informatics since 1995, current research interests include medical information integration, healthcare big data analytics, medical knowledge management and clinical decision support. He led several national research projects including "medical information integration & clinical decision support system" since 2006, "medical information integration & fusion technology" since 2012, "Big Data Standardization in Precision Medicine" since 2016. His team has initiated openEHR-related research since 2011 and implemented the first pilot openEHR-based CDR system in a hospital in China in 2013.

Reappointed Feb 2017.


Shinji Kobayashi MD, PhD (Japan)

Shinji KOBAYASHI is an associate professor in the EHR research unit, Kyoto University. He has worked as a clinical hematology/oncologist and researched clinical informatics. He launched and leads openEHR localisation in Japan as well as the Ruby implementation of openEHR. This localisation work is now propagating to Asia.

Reappointed Apr 2018.

The Philippines

Ryan Julius A. Bañnez, MD (Philippines)

Ryan obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree in the University of the Philippines, Manila, and pursued a fellowship track in Medical Informatics at the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland. His areas of interest include health data analytics, mobile health, population health management, and machine learning for health. Ryan has been involved in the design, development, and analysis of health IT projects that are implemented in resource-limited settings.

Ryan has been a part of the Health Information Management Systems Society, Asia-Pacific region governing council, and is serving as the Governing Council Chair for 2017-2018. Ryan has served as Chief Medical Informatics Officer in a health IT startup. He is also a lecturer for Health Informatics at prestigious universities in the Philippines. At present, he is the Medical Informatics Lead of the Ayala Health Care Holdings, Inc, and a health IT consultant at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Philippines.

Appointed Sep 2017.


Birger Haarbrandt (Germany)

Birger Haarbrandt holds a B.A. in Medical Information Management and an M.Sc. in Computer Science. Between 2013 and 2017, Birger has established the Hannover Medical School Translational Research Framework (HaMSTR), investigating the enhancement of traditional data warehousing approaches (including i2b2/tranSMART) with openEHR. He previously worked on the establishment of a regional health network in the state of Lower-Saxony based on IHE XDS and as a software developer for CGM MEDISTAR.

Since 2015, he has substantially contributed to the concept of the HiGHmed consortium to apply for the Medical Informatics Initiative, a national research project to enable secondary use of health data across institutions. Since the start of the project in January 2018, he is working in HiGHmed as a software architect for the Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics, aiming at the establishment of an open platform based on IHE, openEHR and FHIR between eight German university hospitals.

Appointed May 2018.

South America

Pablo Pazos Gutierrez (Uruguay)

Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez has Computer Engineering degree from UdelaR (University of the Republic), Uruguay. He has worked with health information systems, standards and interoperability since 2006. His first project in eHealth was an EHR based on openEHR, and he is part of the openEHR community since 2006. His interests include software architecture of distributed and integrated systems, information models, clinical data repositories, open platforms and open source.

In 2011 Pablo created the first online full length course about openEHR in Spanish, since then he coordinates the openEHR community in Spanish. In 2012 Pablo founded CaboLabs, a company that provides consultancy and training in health information systems, standards and interoperability. Since then he has developed several courses and workshops. Pablo is a member of the openEHR SEC, heavily involved in openEHR software development, as well as in disseminating the standard in Latin America, in association with the Chilean Association of Health Informatics (ACHISA).

Published papers; blog

Appointed May 2018.

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