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ADL Workbench release 2.0.6

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What is the Workbench?

The ADL Workbench (AWB) is a compiler and IDE for working with the archetypes and templates written in the Achetype Definition Language (ADL), and based on any reference model, including openEHR, ISO 13606 and CIMI. The latest version of the archetype formalism makes it one of the most powerful domain modelling tools available. Create models of clinical content (archetypes), data set definitions (templates), add terminology bindings and translations and then visualise and generate fully compiled output form in ADL, JSON, XML, YAML or ODIN.



  • New BMM 2.3 meta-model
  • GitHub integration and new smart archetype repository management
  • CIMI archetypes and templates supported
  • Many new visualisation and usability features
  • New governance meta-data supported
  • New tuple syntax replaces domain specific syntax for quantities, ordinals etc (wiki)
  • New internal coding system uses id-codes, at-codes and ac-codes (wiki)
  • Value sets now defined in archetype terminology (wiki)
  • All code bindings are IHTSDO URIs
  • Standard lifecycle states (wiki)
  • Fully independent of specific reference models - can load any RM
  • ADL 1.4 archetypes fully converted to ADL 2, including with extraction and synthesis of value sets
  • Namespaced archetype identifiers (wiki)


  • Support for ADL 1.4 OPT generation
  • Support for ADL 2 template form visualisation
  • Live terminology service integration
  • Full visual editing


Latest Builds

Platform Build Date Executable Notes
Windows (64-bit) 20 Sep 2018 .exe installer

Corrected AOMprofile related crash.

Correct RM schemas dialog size problem.

BMM 3.0 / P_BMM 2.3 meta-model.

Include CIMI 0.0.5 BMMs and AOM profile.

Include latest Task Planning and CIMI BMMs.

Support regular C_PRIMITIVE_OBJECT structures.

Add BMM (RM) JSON exporter.

Improve editing functionality; add new-archetype-from-subtree function.

Fix generic type handling in BMM.

Add BMM (RM) output mode to adlc CLI tool.

Mac OS X 10.11 (Yosemite) 14 Mar 2017 .dmg installer Improve output of adlc.
Linux (32-bit Intel) 02 Feb 2015 .tar.bz2 archive Rewritten export function (Archetypes>Export); faster XML export; single-file templates.

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Source Code

The source code can be accessed from the adl-tools GitHub home page.

Acknowledgements: Atlassian (Jira, Confluence) | NoMagic (MagicDraw UML) | AsciiDoctor (publishing) | GitHub (DVCS) | LAMP dev community