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Project Description Artefacts Technology Download/Access Dev project
ADL Designer The tool allows visual authoring of ADL 2 archetypes and templates including full archetype parsing, validation, flattening and serialisation. Backward compatibility for existing ADL 1.4 archetypes and export to Operational Template (1.4 OPT) is also supported ADL 2 archetypes,
ADL 1.4 OPTs
web (JavaScript, HTML etc) Archetype Designer
Template Designer
Archetype Editor (AE) The Archetype Editor is currently the main tool in use for authoring archetypes as found on openEHR CKM and elsewhere. It is Unicode-enabled and works with archetypes in any language. The editor application has been localised to several languages, including Danish, English, Farsi, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. ADL 1.4 archetypes Microsoft VB.NET
Download and help pages
Template Designer The Template Designer is the tool required for editing '.oet' (pre-ADL2) templates. .oet templates;
ADL 1.4 OPTs;
ADL 1.4 archetypes.
.Net; Windows.
TemplateDesignerSetup_ 2.6.1213.3.exe (EN)

TemplateDesignerSetup_ (EN)
ADL 2 workbench (AWB) Reference model-driven visual IDE for parsing, compiling, analysing, converting and editing archetypes and templates. Built on the reference ADL parser. ADL 1.4 (read),
ADL 2 archetypes and templates (read/write).
Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Download and help pages openEHR/adl-tools@Github
ADL 2 command-line compiler (ADLC) A command-line version of the compiler used inside the ADL Workbench ADL 1.4 (read),
ADL 2 archetypes and templates (read/write).
Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Download and help pages openEHR/adl-tools@Github
LinkEHR Editor The LinkEHR Editor works with multiple reference models and languages. Reference models can be plugged in in XML-schema or openEHR BMM (basic meta-model) format. .oet templates;
ADL 1.4 OPTs;
ADL 1.4 archetypes.
Java; all platforms.
Download and help pages
ADL Text Editor Modes ADL syntax plug-ins, syntax files and other support for text editors, including gvim/vim, emacs, Notepad++, Textpad, and Kate/KDevelop. All platforms Download and help page
LiU Archetype Editor* Part of the Linköping University Project to build openEHR tools and demonstrators ADL 1.4 archetypes Java
LiU Archetype Editor,
version 0.5.2 (2007 March 20)  Requires Java. Please read the release notes before installation.
For further information about support mailing lists, source code, other versions etc see: LiU tools page

* Status: unsupported

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