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Socios de la Industria openEHR

The openEHR Industry Partners are a group of companies implementing openEHR who have agreed to materially support the Foundation. The list below is the initial group, present at a meeting in September 2013, documented in this news item. The industry partners will support the foundation with resources, both human and financial. They will work on many aspects of openEHR, but in particular, are focussed on product compliance and quality. To that end, they are developing conformance specifications for openEHR.

Cambio Healthcare Systems

Cambio Healthcare Systems is an e-Health company with approximately 370 employees who provide the Cambio COSMIC healthcare system for comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions to meet the healthcare needs of all patients. Since 1993, Cambio has worked tirelessly to develop open, flexible and comprehensive IT support for healthcare. Development has taken place in constant close co-operation with those who work in health care - doctors, nurses, administrators and IT-technichians.

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Code24 B.V. is an innovative software development company located in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. Driven by great passion and dedication, our efforts are devoted entirely to the development of IT applications that can be used in the healthcare sector. We specialise in providing smart, web-based solutions for care providers that are also easy to use. Thanks to those solutions, they are able to rely upon a single, manageable and comprehensive overview of all of their patient's and client's health details, even if that information originates from a variety of systems.

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Critical Software

CRITICAL Software is an international company, founded in 1998, which specialises in the delivery of reliable solutions, services and technologies for business-critical information systems, providing software solutions and technologies that protect individuals, provide valuable insights, monitor the safety of equipment and guarantee business-critical processes are carried out securely and efficiently. In the healthcare area, Critical Software developed a patient centric solution, focused on sharing relevant clinical information. Healthcare facilities have patient information generated from different IT solutions, our solution consolidate this information in a Clinical Repository, centered on the patient.

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DIPS ASA is the largest supplier of electronic patient record systems to Norwegian hospitals, the largest supplier of Radiology Information Systems and the second largest supplier of Laboratory Information Systems. DIPS has group and framework agreements with the health trusts organised under the regional health authorities for South-Eastern Norway, Western Norway and Northern Norway. DIPS also has customers in Denmark and Sweden.

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Infinnity Solutions

Infinnity Solutions is a Russian company who develop innovative software solutions in the field of health. The main areas of software development are integrated electronic medical record, medical information systems and mobile medical applications. Since 2006, Infinnity Solutions is concerned with improving the efficiency of hospitals and health care systems as a whole.

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Marand is one of the leading Slovenian company in the field of information and communication technologies and information support business processes. Marand is a customer-centric solution provider in healthcare offering products including Think!Med Clinical™, Think!Med EHR Platform and Think!Med Preventive. All these solutions are based on state of the art technology and industry standards.

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Nousco is a Healthcare software vendor in South Korea. Nousco is developing an openEHR-based Hospital Information System with EHR, health information (HI) standards-based EHR Platform & PHR solutions. openEHR & HI standards-based EHR platform is the first innovative work of its kind in South Korea. In 2015, Nousco will launch products internationally.

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Ocean Informatics

Ocean Informatics is a recognised leader in e-health strategy, semantic interoperability and the shared EHR. Founded in 1998, Ocean Informatics is a unique company, comprising an experienced engineering team with strong clinical expertise. Collectively the Ocean team has over 100 man-years of health informatics experience. Ocean's vision is fully integrated and highly computable health data organised around the patient care process, served from high-availability infrastructure to point of care, reporting and analytics applications.

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