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Tomaž Gornik, Co-chair openEHR Foundation speaking 12 March 19
March 11, 2019

OpenEHR - Global experience

CDS Summer App Challenge 2018
January 04, 2019

Results of CDS Summer App Challenge 2018

Oslo Nov 2018 SEC meeting report
November 17, 2018

The recent SEC meeting in Oslo made great progress, including releases of REST APIs, RM 1.0.4

SEC f2f meeting Oslo 5-7 Nov
October 15, 2018

The openEHR Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) will be having a face to face meeting in Oslo, 5-7 Nov 2018, hosted courtesy of DIPS.

Open platforms seminar held 13 September 2018, Oslo
September 20, 2018

Video Presentations

New SEC members Sebastian Garde and Seref Arikan
July 26, 2018

We announce the addition of two new SEC members Sebastian Garde and Seref Arikan, who both bring a great depth of knowledge and experience to openEHR.

17 NHS trusts to use OpenEHR for 100,000 Genomes Project
October 30, 2017

Article by DigitalHealth

Serif Arikan's PhD thesis published
October 27, 2017

Seref Arikan, has published his ground-breaking PhD thesis, on An implementation focused evaluation of openEHR and its integration with Bayesian Belief Networks for clinical decision support, in the UCL online repository.

openEHR Task Planning
October 26, 2017

Update blog by Thomas Beale

openEHR in Action - video 3/3
July 26, 2017

Video 3 of 3

openEHR on the move - video 2/3
July 14, 2017

Video 2 of 3

It's Time for openEHR - Video 1 of 3
July 12, 2017

First in a series of 3 videos - Understanding openEHR

CDS Summer App Challenge 2017
June 01, 2017

CDS Summer App Challenge 2017

openEHR in China 2016
March 08, 2017

Prof. Huilong Duan, the Chairman of the Conference and China openEHR Ambassador reports on progress with openEHR during 2016.

Proposed major RM extension spec - Planned Tasks
January 26, 2017

new draft specification available for open review, called Task Planning Information Model

Eurotransplant selects Think! EHRPlatform™
December 13, 2016

Leiden, December 12, 2016 – Today, a license agreement for purchase and implementation of a clinical data application for CORE (successor of the current ENIS system) was signed.

openEHR China activities - April, 2016
May 09, 2016

A summary of openEHR meetings held in China in April, 2016

First openEHR meetings held in Shanghai, China
April 24, 2016

Last week an event was hosted by the ambassadors for openEHR in China and an openEHR presentation featured at the China mHealth & Medical Software conference

Slovenia builds Arthroplasty register on OpenEHR
December 22, 2015

Slovenia launches their National Arthroplasty Registry of Slovenia (RES) on the OpenEHR platform

Slovenia builds Athroplasty register on OpenEHR
December 22, 2015

Slovenia launches their National Arthroplasty Registry of Slovenia (RES) on the OpenEHR platform

openEHR selected as part of NHS England interoperability strategy
September 24, 2015

Read about the strategy, download the Interoperability Handbook

Stack Exchange area
June 09, 2015

openEHR Stack Exchange area proposal

Specifications Committee May 2015 meeting
May 26, 2015

openEHR Specifications Ed. Comm. (SEC) working on roadmap of next releases

Election results - openEHR Management Board
March 09, 2015

New Management Board election results annnounced

Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) formation
February 10, 2015

The new openEHR SEC has been created and will commence work on 2015 releases.

Management Board election update
January 22, 2015

Update on openEHR Management Board elections.

Pulse+IT Magazine: A project for better collaboration
September 23, 2014

An article on collaboration between FHIR and openEHR in Australia's Pulse+IT magazine, by Bridget Kirkham.

Arctic conf on dual-level modelling - resources
May 31, 2014

Videos of presentations from Arctic conf 2014

Pulse+IT Magazine: It's all about the data
April 25, 2014

An article on CKM and its deployment in Australia's Pulse+IT magazine, by Heather Leslie.

OMG e-health summit openEHR participation
June 24, 2013

Thomas Beale and Rong Chen attended the OMG e-health summit this week, devised and facilitated by Ken Rubin (HP health vertical).

openEHR Primary Care project starts in Salvador, Brazil
March 15, 2013

Gustavo M. Bacelar-Silva MD has launched a new project "openEHR-based pervasive health information system for primary care: First Brazilian Experience for Public Care" at SENAI - Cimatec (industrial college in Salvador).

Erik Sundvall's EHR PhD thesis published online
January 27, 2013

Erik Sundvall's PhD thesis entitled "Scalability and Semantic Sustainability in Electronic Health Record Systems" is now available online. It contains many openEHR-related papers and discussions.

Publications on openEHR and open source
January 17, 2013

A special issue of the Canadian journal, Technology Innovation Management Review, has just been published and features open source software sustainability.

Creation of National Center for Archetypes in Bratislava
February 09, 2012

A National Center for Archetypes (NCA STU), specialising in knowledge structures for Slovak e-health, has been launched, supported by the management of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FEI STU).

David Ingram interview with Talkstandards
February 25, 2010

In an exclusive interview with Talkstandards, Professor David Ingram of openEHR, outlines some of his expectations for the future of ICT in the health care sector.

OSHIP gets CLIPS decision support engine
August 27, 2009

The Open Source Health Information Platform (OSHIP) has integrated the "gold standard" forward chaining inference engine CLIPS in order to support complex decision support requirements. turned off
May 01, 2009

The old URL has been turned off; use If you have an error when doing an SVN operation on a local repository, check if this is the initial part of the URL.

CfH / NEHTA / Canada Health Infoway - openEHR presentation
November 08, 2008

Professor David Ingram (Head of CHIME, UCL, chair of openEHR Foundation) delivered an invited presentation at a workshop in Helsingor, Denmark.

New openEHR Decision Support mailing list
June 06, 2008

A new openEHR Decision Support mailing list has been created. openEHR has only a small number of lists outside of the specific programming language sub-communities, and each is broad, reflecting a belief in the interdisciplinary nature of things.

openEHR Python project started
June 03, 2008

This week an upload of code from Tim Cook marks the start of the openEHR Python project. This project aims to produce an open source implementation of openEHR in Python.

Health IT press Australia: OpenEHR - The World's Record
December 10, 2007

An article on openEHR in Australia's Pulse+IT magazine, by Heather Leslie.

openEHR at BCS Primary Health Care Specialist Group
October 02, 2007

Thomas Beale presented openEHR at the British Computer Society Primary Health Care Specialist Group conference in Oxford.

Version control system adopted
May 04, 2004

openEHR public materials have been moved to a web-accessible version control system called BitKeeper, enabling reliable access and collaborative development on software and documents.

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