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openEHR members speaking at Interop 2019
14th March 2019, Cardiff Wales

What interoperability means in 2019 for the NHS

Development and Management of Patient Registries Data
11th January 2019, Athens Greece

Clinical Data Modelling and Governance

openEHR Asia Summit 10:00(JST)28 Jul 2018.
25 Jul 2018, Kyoto

The openEHR Asia summit will be broadcast via youtube from 10:00(JST), on the 28th July, 2018

Open platforms Seminar, 13 September 2018, Oslo

What is an open platform

openEHR Clinical Modelling Workshop
Plymouth 6th & 7th June 2018

The gap between the aspiration and the reality of the promise of improving care with effective IT remains one of the key challenges facing us today.

openEHR Asia Summit and NPO openEHR Japan General Assembly
Japan, 27th & 28th July 2018

Free event, open to all interested in openEHR. Early booking advised.

openEHR Day April 2018 Plymouth Videos/presentations
23 May 2018 London

Videos and presentations from the openEHR day held in April in Plymouth UK

openEHR open data platforms in medical informatics
18th June, Heidelberg Germany

18th June, Germany 2nd HIGHmed Symposium

OpenEHR within a mature NHS Ecosystem

– the Plymouth Perspective - Videos

openEHR Day: Helsinki 20.3. & Stockholm 21.3.

Learn more about the opportunities and challenges of openEHR

2nd Arctic Conference on openEHR
18, 19 Jan 2018, Tromso, Norway

2nd Arctic Conference on openEHR and Archetype-based Clinical Information Systems

DevDays 23rd and 24th November, London

Hands-on DevDays workshops

openEHR Day 22nd November, London

Explore the opportunities and challenges of openEHR

The NHS & openEHR event held 20 Sept '17

Interoperability, exploring the opportunities and challenges of openEHR

Medinfo, China - August 2017

The 16th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics (MedInfo2017)

HEC / MIE 2016

openEHR attended and exhibited at this event

Symposium on secondary use and nation-wide EHR project in Japan
Feb 3, 2017, 13:30-17:50, Tokyo

Joint symposium, CISA(Platform for Clinical Information Statistics and Analysis) and nation-wide EHR project Japan - Bridge to the future, enable to use clinical data for global collaboration

openEHR/FHIR Educationl Days, Stockholm 22-23 November 2016
Stockholm Nov 2016

Swedish Medtech are hosting two free educational days about openEHR and HL7 FHIR

“Health IT – lead or be led” training in Australia
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne during March/April 2016

Ocean Informatics and eHealth Education combine to deliver this training course about how openEHR information models and SNOMED CT can work together.

Inaugural openEHR 'unconference'
January 22, 2016 - Kyoto, Japan

The very first openEHR unconference will be held on Jan 22, 2016 in Kyoto, Japan

openEHR clinical modelling training in Japan
January 20-21, 2016 - Kyoto, Japan

The first training course in openEHR clinical modelling will be held in Kyoto, Japan on January 20-21, 2016

Digital Health World Forum 2015
London, 8 Dec 2015

openEHR presenting at Digital Health World Forum 2015

2 day seminar: The clinical challenge - to lead or be led by health-IT
November 9-10, 2015 - Linköping, Sweden

The focus of these educational days in Linköping is on how clinicians, and healthcare organizations, can get more control of the development of electronic health record systems and as a result, faster changes.

2 day training course: Introduction to clinical modelling
November 3-4, 2015 - Bergen, Norway

Helse Bergen are conducting a 2 day introductory course in Bergen on 3-4 November, 2015

openEHR presenting at
8 December '15, London UK

The Digital Health World Forum – 8th December 2015, London UK

openEHR presents at e-Helse 2015, Oslo
20 Apr 2015, Oslo

Thomas Beale will present on the openEHR platform in Norway

openEHR Roadmap meeting Oslo
16-17 Sep 2014, Oslo

A face to face meeting in Oslo, 16/17 Sep 2014, will be held to work on the openEHR roadmap, governance and future development.

Arctic Conference on Dual-Model based CDA & KM
May 27th - 28th 2014, Tromso (Norway)

Arctic Conference on Dual-Model based Clinical Decision Support and Knowledge Management - find out about GDL, ADL 1.5, openEHR apps...

openEHR standard, available tools for clinicians
19. April 2013, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires

On Friday, 19. April, Ing. Pablo Pasoz Gutiérrez will give a talk at the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina, about openEHR. This will be transmitted and recorded online.

openEHR Foundation Meeting
10. - 12. September 2012, London

openEHR Foundation Strategic Planning Seminar had focused on discussion of the current state of openEHR in order to develop both short and long term strategies.

HL7 Australia Seminar on Future HL7 Standards
2 July 2012, Sydney

This HL7 Australia "Future of eHealth Standards" Seminar outlined the recent developments in the use of openEHR Archetypes in HL7, the FHIR work (an Aussie development that is taking the global HL7 community by storm) as well as the Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI).

openEHR @ HINZ | New Zeland
21. - 22. June 2012, New Zeland

Two days of strategic events on healthcare interoperability in June in New Zealand.

Interconnected Health 2012
2. - 4. April 2012, Chicago

Interconnected Health 2012 will focus on approaches, challenges, and solutions affecting the ability to connect health organizations and systems, and the role of IT as an enabler in achieving this connectivity.

CIMI Forum - 5th meeting
12. - 14. January 2012, San Antonio

CIMI held its 5th group meeting in San Antonio. Over 35 people attended in person with an additional 5 participants attending via WebEx.

MIE 2011
28. - 31. August 2011, Oslo

MIE 2011 is the 23rd International Conference of EFMI - the European Federation for Medical Informatics, and takes place in Oslo. The conference will cover various topics in the area of e-health, health informatics and telemedicine.

OpenEHR sessions at HL7
9. - 14. January, Sydney

Two openEHR sessions are scheduled at the next HL7 WGM in Sydney, both on Friday 14 January, the last day of the meeting.

MedInfo 2010
12. - 15. September 2010, Cape Town

MedInfo 2010 this year takes place in Cape Town, South Africa. The openEHR-related activities include a clinical modelling workshop and various presentations.

8th Medical Open Source Software Seminar
31. October 2009, Tokyo

It is a pleasure to announce the 8th Medical Open Source Software Seminar will take place in Tokyo.

MIE 2009
30. August - 2. September

Various openEHR-related events are occurring at MIE 2009, this year at Sarajevo.

openEHR at International Free Software Forum
24. - 27. June 2009, Porto Alegre

Tim Cook has been selected as an invited lecturer at the 10th Edition of International Free Software Forum or fisl10, to be held at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC-RS) in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

PatientOS openEHR demo at virtual HIMSS
9. - 10. June 2009

PatientOS Inc. will be demonstrating with a live system which users can log into, the interoperability between two distinct systems using openEHR Archetypes.

openEHR / SNOMED CT training course
29. - 30. September 2008, London

The CHIME department, University College London, is hosting a 2-day training course on openEHR and SNOMED CT.

Python / openEHR workshop, XVIII IEA World Congress of Epidemiology
20. - 21. September 2008, Porto Alegre

There will be a 1.5 day workshop on openEHR using the Python implementation (aka. OSHIP) at the XVIII IEA World Congress of Epidemiology.

OSHIP / openEHR workshop
21. July - 1. August 2008, Brazil

The International Workshop on Open Source Health Informatics Projects will take place this month in Brazil.

IHTSDO 2008 Summer Conference
29. June - 4. July 2008, Birningham

This six-day international working conference is being hosted by NHS Connecting for Health to bring together IHTSDO's working group and project group members and members of National Release Centres from across the Globe.

Implementing SNOMED CT
10. - 11. June 2008, London

This is a practical conference concerned with how todesign, implement, deploy, migrate, support and evolve computer applications that use SNOMED CT.

MIE 2008
25. - 28. May 2008, Göteborg

Various openEHR-related events are occurring at MIE 2008. A number of papers relating to archetypes and associated terminology issues are on the programme, as well as two openEHR-related tutorials.

MedInfo 2007

There were 14 papers, workshops and posters at MedInfo 2007.

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