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openEHR open data platforms in medical informatics

April 17, 2018  |  from: openEHR Board

openEHR: Open Data Platforms in Medical Informatics  
18th June, Heidelberg University Medical Faculty, Germany

The FREE to attend event aims to serve as a forum to discuss the chances and challenges of openEHR for research and healthcare provision in Germany.

In recent years, open platforms based on the openEHR standards have proven to be flexible, non-proprietary and semantically interoperable alternatives for the currently used information system architectures (monolithical, “best-of-breed“). The diverse fields of application of this approach range from health apps on the smartphone to elaborated clinical application systems, clinical registers, research data bases and national patient records.

International use cases for the successful application of openEHR, which will be presented at the symposium, include Eurotransplant, the HIMSS EMRAM level 6 certified children’s clinic of the University Hospital Ljubljana, Norwegian hospitals, 17 NHS Trusts, Genomic England and more.

Confirmed Speakers below and copy agenda HERE

  • Gorzad Kalan - PICU Children's Hospital Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Silje Ljosland-Bakke - Nasjonal IKT, Norway
  • Wouter Zanen - Eurotransplant, The Netherlands
  • Ian McNicoll - openEHR Foundation, UK
  • Birger Haarbrandt - Hannover Medical School and openEHR Ambassador, Germany
  • Tomaz Gornik - openEHR Foundation, Slovenia
  • Thomas Beale - openEHR Foundation/Ars Semantica, UK

Further detail and registration available HERE

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Date, time and place: 18th June, Heidelberg Germany

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