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openEHR Clinical Modelling Workshop

May 31, 2018  |  from: openEHR Board

This free to attend event aimed at clinicians / clinical Informaticians,bBusiness analysts, technical professionals, change agents is to be held at Plymouth Science Park on 6th & 7th June.

Day 1 - will present an overview of openEHR describing the eco-system, technology and methodology and providing an insight into the challenges of managing eHealth and clinical diversity. The day includes practical demonstrations of the processes and toolsets, and by the end of Day 1 workshop participants should be able to understand how openEHR and modelling fits into building an application.

Day 2 - is a practical and interactive workshop where participants will be taken through the background to the openEHR clinical modelling process, leading to the development of a simple implementation using a demonstration environment.

Full information and registration available HERE

Date, time and place: Plymouth 6th & 7th June 2018

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