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openEHR members speaking at Interop 2019

March 13, 2019  |  from: openEHR Board

The Interoperability Symposium 2019 with be held on 14th March 2019 at the Cardiff City Stadium, Wales.

The aim of the Interoperability Symposium is to provide a forum to discuss what interoperability means in 2019 for the NHS. Speakers will provide references to real world interoperability challenges give demonstrable examples on how to overcome the problems associated with harnessing the potential of the emerging electronic health record.

openEHR member speakers:-

Dr Ian McNicoll - co-Chair of openEHR Foundation Management Board.

Thomas Beale – openEHR Board of Governors and co-opted to openEHR Foundation management board.

Silje Ljosland Bakke - openEHR Foundation Management Board member and co-lead of the openEHR Clinical Modelling Program.

Birger Haarbrandt – openEHR Foundation Management Board.

Dr Colin Brown – openEHR Individual member.

Agenda at

Free to attend event - find out more and register HERE

Date, time and place: 14th March 2019, Cardiff Wales

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