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Marand CEO gave a keynote speech at the Allscripts Innovation Summit

December 06, 2018  |  from: Tomaž Gornik

Marand CEO Tomaz Gornik gave a keynote speech at the Allscripts Innovation Summit in London Savoy Hotel on 29 November. He was speaking about the transformation of healthcare, postmodern EHR and how to make the postmodern approach reality based on an actual Salford Royal Foundation Trust use case – with growth chart apps and PHR.


Within our approach, the CORE stable system is retained, and innovation is brought around it, whereby the CORE (Allscripts) and the innovation platform (our Think!EHR Platform) are entirely in sync. Partners are then invited to build on top of the innovation platform – a growth chart, for instance, is an open source product which Allscripts and we used for testing, whereas PHR is actually a partner-developed app (Accenda) for Salford Royal NHS Trust

Date, time and place: London, 29.11.2018

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