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openEHR Day 22 Nov 2017, London


Introduction and keynote "The Postmodern EHR"

Introduction, Jon Hoeksma CEO at Digital Health Intelligence
Keynote: "The Postmodern EHR", Tomaz Gornik, CEO, Marand d.o.o.
Presentation is available here.

Medtronic GET READY® - openEHR-based Patient Engagement

Use Case: Medtronic, Dr Matic Meglic, Digital Health Director, EMEA "GET READY® - openEHR-based Patient Engagement for Improved Outcomes"
Presentantion is avaliable here

Use Case: Eurotransplant

Use Case: Eurotransplant Wouter Zanen, Program Manager, Netherlands
“CORE: Future-proof architecture based on openEHR ”
Presentation is avaliable here.

Use Case: Managing heart transplant patients

Use Case:Managing heart transplant patients Tina V. Vavpotič, Product Manager, Marand
“Remote monitoring of heart transplant patients using a care coordination framework”
Presentations is avaliable here.

Use Case: Genomics England

Use Case: Genomics England, Jon Reed, Partner, IT Health Partnership
"A federated approach to collecting clinical data for the 100,000 Genomes Project”
Presentation is avaliable here.

Use Case: NHS Scotland

Use Case: NHS Scotland, Dr Paul Miller, SCIMP Clinical Lead
"Decision Support for NHS Scotland - why openEHR GDL?"
Presentation is available here.

Use Case: Leeds Person Held Record

Leeds City Council, David Maidment, Head of ICT Strategy, Architecture & Commissioning
"Leeds Person Held Record - building on an open platform”
Presentation available here.

Use Case: Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Use Case: OPENeP, Andy Blofield, CIO, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
"OPENeP - An Open Standards Approach to an Integrated Digital Care Record”
Presentation is available here.

Introduction to Archetypes Modelling

Introduction to Archetypes Modelling, Dr Ian McNicoll, co-chair, openEHR Foundation
Presentation is available here.

openEHR Platforms, Tools and Applications

openEHR Platforms, Tools and Applications
Tomaz Gornik CEO Marand
Anže Droljc Product Manager, Marand
Presentation is available here

openEHR Future - Task planning

"openEHR Future: Task Planning"
Thomas Beale, Specification lead, openEHR Foundation
Presentation is available here.


openEHR Day - November 22, 2017 - Panel: "Advantages and challenges of introducing open platforms in the NHS"

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