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Component Description
CDS Clinical Decision Support - specifications for guidelines and related languages, including GDL.
QUERY Query language specifications, including AQL.
INTG Integration specifications, including TDS and TDO.
SM Service Model - service and application programming interface (API) specifications.
AM Archetype Model (1.4 and 2) - Archetype formalism syntax (ADL), object model (AOM), templates (OPT), and Identification.
RM Reference Model - the core information models of the EHR, Demographics and EHR Extract
BASE Base models and languages underpinning other specifications; includes BMM, ODIN.
TERM openEHR support terminology, used by the RM and other components.

Implementation Technology Specification (ITS)

SPECITS Jira project | Roadmap | Issues

Specification Computable form Description Status
Reference Model XSDs XML schema 1.0 expression of the Reference Model. stable
Archetype Model 1.4 XSDs XML schema 1.0 expression of ADL/AOM 1.4. stable
Templating (OET based) OET XSD | Java OET parser Simple XML format for templates. trial
Archetype Model 2.x XSDs XML schema 1.1 expression of ADL/AOM 2. development


SPECCNF Jira project | Roadmap | Issues

Documentary Specification Description Status
Archetype tooling Conformance profiles for Archetype tooling. wiki page
EHR Systems Conformance profiles for EHR system components. wiki page

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