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Cambio Healthcare Systems

Headquarters: Sweden

Branches: UK, Sri Lanka, Denmark

Size: 350 employees

Trading since: 1993



Cambio COSMIC is a comprehensive and fully integrated e-Health system in hospitals and clinics of all sizes. Today Cambio COSMIC has over 100,000 users in the Nordic region and the UK. Cambio COSMIC is a powerful platform for clinical care support and patient administration.

The system is under constant development in close cooperation with doctors, nurses and unit managers in order to meet the demands for safe care and patient democracy in the future. Cambio COSMIC contains a large number of modules to support both clinical practice and patient management.

The patient's natural right to actively participate in his or her own care and treatment is a central part of Cambio's vision for Cambio COSMIC: One patient, one medical record, to last a lifetime.


Cambio COSMIC is currently deployed in following places.


  • hositals in eight county councils
  • Capio, a private healthcare organization


  • Region of Southern Denmark
  • Faroe Islands
  • Greenland
  • Danish Armed Forces

United Kingdom:

  • Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
  • InHealth (via Agilisys)
  • 25 hospitals within Ramsay Health Care UK

Today Cambio COSMIC has more than 100 000 users.

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