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O que é openEHR?

openEHR is a virtual community working on means of turning health data from the physical form into electronic form and ensuring universal interoperability among all forms of electronic data. The primary focus of its endeavour is on electronic health records (EHR) and related systems.

Why do we need the openEHR approach?

The term 'eHealth', which encompasses the use of information and communication technologies in health care, has become inseparable from the vision of modern health care in future. In the last 15 years, many approaches towards 'making eHealth happen' have been developed and many eHealth projects of various scale and success have been implemented. The experience with eHealth projects concerning EHR systems showed that there are a number of major recurring challenges.

What is the openEHR approach?

The openEHR approach is multi-level, single source modelling within a service-oriented software architecture, in which models built by domain experts are in their own layer. It is delineated by a set of specifications published by the openEHR Foundation.

The openEHR approach benefits

The essential outcome of the openEHR approach is systems and tools for computing with health information at a semantic level, thus enabling true analytic functions like decision support, and research querying.

The openEHR approach in practice

Components and systems conforming to openEHR are 'open' in terms of data, models and APIs. They share the key openEHR innovation of adaptability, due to the archetypes being external to the software, and significant parts of the software being machine-derived from the archetypes. The archetype specification is now an ISO standard (ISO 13606-2). These are now being used by several national governments to specify national e-health information standards.

Getting Involved

This website will give you information on how it all works, and how to become a member of openEHR. The openEHR approach offers opportunities and value to many different stakeholders, including clinicians, health care providers, governments, software developers and research institutions.

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